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Bumble Bee Jasper
Bumblebee jasper
Bumble bee jasper
Bumble bee jasper
Bumble bee jasper

Slabbed Bumble Bee Jasper

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Colour:                        Black, Yellow, Orange, Grey.

Crystal System:          Trigonal crystal system

Chemical Formula:     CaCO3

Anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic as well as other elements.

Hardness (Mohs):       2.5-5

Specific Gravity:         2.5-2.9

Refractive Index:        1.54

Origin of this stone:   Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia.

Bumble Bee Jasper is an unusual stone that was formed where a volcano opened to the earth.  A carbonate rich rock first discovered on the island of Java during the 1990s.  The material is soft, being easy to cut and polish.  It is a notoriously difficult mineral to find because the volcanic mine where Bumble Bee Jasper is located has activated from its previously dormant state.  It comes from Mount Papandayan in West Java, Indonesia.

There is much debate over whether it is a true jasper or an agate, as some have called it.  The lovely patterns on this stone often imitate the colouring found on bumblebees, hence its’ name.  The yellow colouring is due to the presence of sulfur, which is toxic as is arsenic, so care should be taken and always wash your hands after handling.  It is recommended to enjoy this stone as a display piece or in jewellery the shields you from constant exposure.  Cabochons can be given a coat of sealant to achieve this.