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About Us

Winner of the Australian Enterprise APAC Awards 2021

Best Australian Jewellery Collection 2021

We are based in Mount Isa, North West Queensland, Australia.  Starting many years ago in lapidary (cutting and polishing stone) I had a passion for the natural beauty and amazing variety of stone around the world.  Sourcing natural stone, then cutting and polishing it in my workshop into collectable display pieces and jewellery.

Along the way, over the years I have learned Silversmithing and faceting as well, being trained by qualified gemologists and industry jewellery makers, has grown this passion into the business it is today.

Our customer base includes geologists, gemologists, jewellers, jewellery manufacturers and retail customers in Australia, United States and United Kingdom.

There is something truly spectacular about having a piece of jewellery that has not been mass produced with cheap, diluted, imitation materials – but created naturally by mother nature and hand crafted with love and care to showcase it’s natural beauty. It holds the memories, energy, and history of its surroundings. Natural stone creates lasting expression and can effortlessly add a touch of luxury to your style.

Forget about cheap, lab created/grown jewellries found in mainstream jewellery stores. Our collection of natural jewellery is committed to helping you find the right way to make an awe-inspiring fashion statement while making sure you stay chic.

With a myriad of local retail stores filled with cheap and replica products or designs, we have made it our sole mission to burst this bubble, unplug the community from this false matrix, and place you into the now of present day fashion with genuine quality and value. We offer a large collection of 100% natural stone and stone jewellery that is not man made, created, dyed or enhanced, but mined from Mother Nature herself.

A brand that inspires you to live your best life authentically. Our jewellery designs speak to the individualistic man or woman; one who is sophisticated, but also loves the unexpected and artful elements that define us as unique beings.

Beautiful, rare, and hard to come by, every piece is unique, meaning there is no other stone in the world exactly like what you’ll be getting.  

Now is the perfect time to start looking exotic, charming and every bit stylish with our finest gemstones and semi-precious stones.