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Australian Chrysoprase
Australian Chrysoprase
Australian Chrysoprase

Rough Chrysoprase

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Measurements are in centimeters, Weight in grams.

Colour:                        Green

Luster:                       Vitreous, Waxy

Crystal System:          Trigonal crystal system

Chemical Formula:     SiO₂

Hardness (Mohs):       6.0-7.0

Specific Gravity:         2.651-2.91

Refractive Index:        1.54-1.55

Origin of this Stone:   Marlborough, Queensland, Australia. 

This material is rough, natural, untread stone suitable for Lapidary and hobby purposes.  Photos may or may not be taken with the stone being wet.  No filters or photo editing has been undertaken to enhance colouration.  We have cut an end off so that you can see what is inside the stone and reduce your risk when buying rough.

Measurements are approximate.  When we measure a stone, we don’t measure from it’s extreme pointy little tips.  We measure the usable body of the stone for lapidary purposes.  When you receive your stone, it will be slightly bigger than the description by 5-15mm.

Each stone is priced per it's graded weight, colour and pitting/inclusions.  Depending on what you intend to use the stone for, will determine how you cut it.

We have cut stone that was heavily included and full of pits, so was considered low quality for cutting into slabs to make sizeable cabochons.  However, we spent the time and effort to cut and grind out the inclusions and finished with a small handful of high grade, outstanding quality facet material, which increased it value 5 fold, and certainly covered the loss of weight in cutting.

Chrysoprase is a very hard stone and finishes with an outstanding glassy polish.  This Chrysoprase is from Marlborough, Queensland, Australia.  A mining company has bought the lease to this locality and has ceased mining Chrysoprase for it’s gemstone quality, instead opting to pound it into dust to extract the nickel and cobalt content.  This material is becoming increasingly rarer and harder to obtain as there is no new material coming available.

If you are planning to use the material for lapidary purposes, you will need appropriate rock cutting and/or grinding machines or tools.  Visit Lapidary Tools for a full range of equipment based here in Australia.