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Caribbean Calcite
Caribbean Calcite
caribbean calcite

Rough Aragonite Blue

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Measurements are in centimeters, Weight in grams.

Colour:                        Blue

Luster:                       Vitreous

Crystal System:          Orthorhombic crystal system

Chemical Formula:     CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate

Hardness (Mohs):       3.5-4 - Brittle/Soft

Specific Gravity:         2.95

Refractive Index:        Double Refractive nα = 1.529 - 1.530 nβ = 1.680 - 1.682 nγ = 1.685 - 1.686

Origin of this Stone:   Pakistan. 

Blue Aragonite is also known as Blue Calcite or Caribbean Calcite, although it does not come from the Caribbean area; it was discovered in 2019 in Pakistan.

This material is rough, natural, untreated stone suitable for lapidary and hobby purposes.  Photos may or may not be taken with the stone being wet.  No filters of photo editing has been undertaken to enhance colouration.  We have cut an end off so that you can see what is inside the stone.

Measurements are approximate.  When we measure a stone, we don't measure from it's extreme pointy little tips.  We measure the usable body of the stone for lapidary purposes.  When you receive your stone, it will be slightly bigger than the description by 5-15mm.

If you are planning to use this material for lapidary purposes, you will need appropriate rock cutting and/or grinding machines or tools.  Visit Lapidary Tools for a full range of equipment based here in Australia.