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fossilized black palm root

Petrified Black Palm Root Necklaces

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Petrified Black Palm Root is from Indonesia.  A very hard stone with contrasting earthy colours and tones against stark black.

Also known as fossil palm root or petrified palm wood this occurs naturally in red earthy tones as well.

It’s wonderful display and mix of patterns resemble swirls of creamy flames rising up against a black background, it makes wonderful jewellery as it is very hard and resistant to wear and tear.

Each of these pendants are handmade and strung with an adjustable leather like cord so that one size fits all.

More Information

Black Palm Root has a hardness of 6 on mohs scale of hardness and is a great lapidary material.  It cuts and shapes without any issues apart that some of the outter edging can be a little soft, so we would suggest starting your designs approximately 5mm in for the edge.

Being a very hard stone, it takes an outstanding polish with a glassy finish and is an ideal material for beginners who are wanting something special.

The words Petrified wood mean “wood turned into stone” and is the result of a tree or tree-like plant being transitions into stone by a process of permineralisation.