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Blue Opalised Wood
Blue Opal Necklace
opalised wood

Blue Opalised Wood Necklaces

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Blue Opalised Wood is from Indonesia.  A beautiful soft sky blue, deep gemmy aquas with bands of black and a mix of browns, tans and red tones almost seem unreal.  But rest assured, this fairly new stone to emerge into the global market is 100% natural.  No two stones are the same, so get in quick.

Each of these pendants are handmade and strung with an adjustable leather like cord so that one size fits all.  Measurement is of the size of the pendant only.

Also known as Blue opalized petrified wood and blue opal wood this stone is the result of ancient teak trees that have turned to stone over approximately 20 million years.  Elements such as iron, manganese and copper in the mud and water during the period of petrifaction give the various colours to this stone.  Some cabochons we make will also have visible inclusions of copper, making your piece of natural stone jewellery even more unique and special.