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Australian Agate
Australian agate jewellery
Agate jewellery
Agate jewellery
Australian agate jewellery
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Australian Agate Necklaces

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Natural free form Australian Agate Jewellery from North West Queensland.  A large variety of colours, bands, spots and patterns are an excellent example of the uniqueness of mother natures DNA or fingerprint.

Each of these pendants are handmade and strung with an adjustable leather like cord so that one size fits all.  Measurement is of the size of the pendant only.

You can even select a matching pair of earrings by clicking here.

The agates from Agate Creek in North Queensland are amongst the most colourful and sort after agates in the world and are well known by collectors.

Most agates occur in ancient volcanic lava flows where the presence of chromium, iron, nickel, copper and manganese are responsible for the variation of colours in the geode.  Often the agate geode has a quartz or quartz crystal center which make them great display stone.

Australian agate is a very hard stone with a hardness of 6.5-7 on mohs scale of hardness.  Because of this, they polish very well with a glassy finish and make very attractive and durable jewellery.

The Australian Agate

Be it the opal, the diamond or even the sapphire, Australia is known for quite a few gemstones and their use as various types of jewellery. Agate geode has a quartz centre, which makes it fit not only for jewellery, but also as perfect display stone. Most agates form as nodules from volcanic rock or ancient lava where the combination of stone and different chemicals causes a unique variation in colour.

The stone can be found in the 2 major cities of Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, making it a very popular stone all over Australia. Besides the general characteristics of agate and its uses as jewellery, Australian agate jewellery is popular for far more than the aesthetic properties it holds. Recommended even by some physicians, agate jewellery Australia can benefit not just your wellbeing, but it can also be effective in balancing your anxieties and stress levels.

If you’re not sure that buying a piece of agate jewellery in Australia is for you, there’s absolutely no need to worry. If it suits you better, you can even choose to keep the natural stone as a display piece. Although Australian agate jewellery is generally recommended due to its malleability, some people believe turning it into jewellery may hinder its performance or even take the power out of the stone.

Whether you choose to use agate as a display piece or as a piece of lucky jewellery, it’s important to understand the impact it can have on you. Gemstones  Jewellery aren’t just jewellery, they’re much more than that. Every stone has its own focus, level of impact and type of people it will benefit. Not every gemstone is made for everyone, which is exactly why you must do thorough research before buying a gemstone.

Australian agate is recommended for the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini and holds the numerological vibration number 7.

Agate is used to make a wide range of jewellery, and its different colours hold different properties (with regards to the chemical changes in each stone type). For example:

  • Botswana agate is purplish grey in colour and is used to encourage its wearer to explore their creativity and look for solutions rather than problems
  • Brazillian agate brings out physical, emotional and intellectual balance
  • Bulls-eye agate is generally black and white in colour and helps eliminate fear and bring out the best in a person even in the worst situations
  • White agate is also known as the ‘ultimate pregnancy stone’ and helps protect the mother and baby from any harm throughout the pregnancy

All of the different forms of agate can be found either in the form of display stones or as jewellery across Australia.

Besides the distinctions and the differences each type of Australian agate might hold, on a more general scale, this powerful gemstone of Australia is known to be the ultimate source of love while offering an abundance of wealth, acceptance, courage, strength, balance, harmony and the acceptance of nature. The agate of Australia is also one of the best and most popular stones used to enhance mental function, improve concentration and soothe and calm the spirit whilst repairing the eyes, stomach and uterus. Due to its feminine properties, the agate is a crowd-puller for the women of Australia and is often used in jewellery.

If you’re looking for agate jewellery in Australia and advice concerning the endless options available and which will be the best for you, get in touch with us at Earth Inspired Creations.

There’s absolutely no harm in wearing gemstones jewellery Australia as long as you’re aware of their purpose and potential impact on your life. If you’re still confused and have questions about which stone jewellery could be best for you, contact us at info@earthinspiredcreations.com.au. With 100% natural products, your satisfaction and healthy reawakening is completely assured.