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Australian Agate
Australian Agate Jewellery
Australian Agate Jewellery
Australian Agate Jewellery

Handmade Agate Earrings

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Natural free form Australian Agate earrings from North West Queensland.  A large variety of colours, bands, spots and patterns are an excellent example of the uniqueness of mother natures DNA or fingerprint.

These Australian agate earrings are handmade and fitted with solid sterling silver.

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The agates from Agate Creek in North Queensland are amongst the most colourful and sort after agates in the world and are well known by collectors.

Most agates occur in ancient volcanic lava flows where the presence of chromium, iron, nickel, copper and manganese are responsible for the variation of colours in the geode.  Often the agate geode has a quartz or quartz crystal center which make them great display stone.

Australian agate is a very hard stone with a hardness of 6.5-7 on mohs scale of hardness.  Because of this, they polish very well with a glassy finish and make very attractive and durable jewellery.