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Tourmaline is the most colourful of all gemstones. It occurs in all colours, with pink, red, green, blue and multicolored being its most well-known colours.

Each of these tourmaline gemstones have been hand carved and finished with a sterling silver Chain.  They arrive to you in a beautiful velvet gift box as pictured.

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Our Tourmaline cyrstals come from the mines of Paprok and Kunar in Afghanistan which are noted for producing some of the best quality tourmaline gems in the world and are found in all colours.  They certainly are a unique and wonderful addition to your Crystal Jewellery Australia.

Tourmaline is growing in popularity in jewellery due to it’s gemmy qualities and is relatively affordable pricing.  But beware, as this gemstones popularity has also made it a target for imitators who create with glass, quartz and various methods of colour enhancing treatments to try and sell fake tourmaline as the real thing.  The cheap price they offer will be a good first indication that something is not right.

Tourmaline has a natural crystal trigonal shape (3 main sides), with vertical growth lines that run the length of the crystal.  If you are buying faceted gems it will be almost impossible to determine natural from fake of man created unless you get it tested by a qualified and reputable gemmological laboratory.

Earth Inspired Creations prefers the natural shapes and colours of mother nature, which is why most of our gemstone jewellery is not faceted, but shows of its natural shape and colour in simple designs that showcase the stone itself.

Tourmaline Pendants: Prevent Negativity from Overpowering You 

First discovered by the Dutch traders, this ancient tourmaline stone is celebrated for its spiritual grounding qualities. This stone gained its significance for being effective in shunning negative energies and emotions and bringing good luck and happiness. For people who struggle to fight away heavy emotions like greed and jealousy, this stone is ideal.

Our team has designed an entire collection that depicts the rawness and pure beauty that nature has to offer. Our artisans have carved tourmaline pendants from uncut stones to get the perfect shape. The preciseness and unique texture make them stand out from the rest of jewellery found in stores.

What makes Tourmaline Australia’s Favourite?

Aussies love tourmaline for a long list of reasons, but most gravitate towards it for its ability to strengthen immunity and relieve stress and anxiety. In today’s fast-paced life, it is necessary that you take a step back and think about your mental health and the energies you surround yourself with. Tourmaline helps you keep your energy positive and balanced.

Not only does tourmaline look aesthetically appealing, but it also has undeniably effective healing properties. So, you have the ability to create a unique style statement with our tourmaline pendants while guarding your energies. We are passionate about creating pieces that are not only beautiful but have real healing energies. Every piece in our collection is crafted in a way that brings you confidence, joy and power in abundance.

The beauty of buying natural stone jewellery is that people of any age can wear it effortlessly. Our website has a collection of multi-coloured tourmaline pendants, and you’ll see a unique blend of different colours like red, green, brown, pink, red and plenty more. The blend of all these colours can mean a lot of things; spiritual healing, alignment of your thoughts, improved understanding and eliminating negative thoughts are some of the prime benefits that can be obtained from buying from our tourmaline range in Australia.

This semi-precious stone looks stunning when paired with any style of clothing, so if you’re intrigued by the surreal properties of tourmaline, take a look at our range. Explore our collection of tourmaline pendants and find your perfect match.


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