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Tourmaline Bi-Colour Pink Rough

Tourmaline Bi-Colour Pink Rough

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From the mines of Paprok and Kunar in Afghanistan are these beautiful natural tourmaline gemstone crystals.

1 lot of 79 carats. ($2.50/ct)

Colour:                        Green, blue, pink, yellow, purple, orange.

Crystal System:          Hexagonal crystal system

Mineral Family:          Tourmaline.

Chemical Formula:     Al6B3Fe3H10NaO31Si6

Hardness (Mohs):       7-7.5

Specific Gravity:         3.02-3.26

Refractive Index:        1.616-1.65

Luster:                         Vitreous.

Birthstone:                 Libra

Associated Month:    October