watermelon tourmaline earrings

Tourmaline and Sterling Silver Earrings

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Watermelon Tourmaline is the rarest of tourmaline gemstones.  These polished slices of watermelon tourmaline have been set against a solid sterling silver tear drop which is imprinted with the delicate patterns of a real leaf.

It took us 2 years to acquire this watermelon tourmaline to ensure the right quality at the very best price for you.

You will not see anything like this in a mainstream jewellery store!!!

Our Tourmaline cyrstals come from the mines of Paprok and Kunar in Afghanistan which are noted for producing some of the best quality tourmaline gems in the world and are found in all colours.

Tourmaline is growing in popularity in jewellery due to it’s gemmy qualities and is relatively affordable pricing.  But beware, as this gemstones popularity has also made it a target for imitators who create with glass, quartz and various methods of colour enhancing treatments to try and sell fake tourmaline as the real thing.  The cheap price they offer will be a good first indication that something is not right.

Tourmaline has a natural crystal trigonal shape (3 main sides), with vertical growth lines that run the length of the crystal.  If you are buying faceted gems it will be almost impossible to determine natural from fake of man created unless you get it tested by a qualified and reputable gemmological laboratory.

Earth Inspired Creations prefers the natural shapes and colours of mother nature, which is why most of our gemstone jewellery is not faceted, but shows of its natural shape and colour in simple designs that showcase the stone itself.