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fossilized coral

Petrified Coral Necklaces

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Petrified Coral or Fossil Coral or Agatized Coral is created whereby coral is replaced by silica which preserves the specimen.

It’s amazing to think that what was once a fragile coral reef millions of years ago, is now very hard rock which is dug up and collected from mountains.

A vast variety of colours and patterns display the mineralization and skeletal shape of these ancient corals.  Indonesian fossilied coral is considered to be the most desirable and unique.

Agatized fossil coral can exhibit a wide range of natural colours, ranging from white and pink, to brown, grey, black, yellow and red. Coral colour may vary widely within a single stone, depending on weathering, oxidation and the original mineral content.

Fossilized Coral is quite hard and is 6.5-7 on the mohs scale.

Each of these pendants are handmade and strung with an adjustable leather like cord so that one size fits all.