grape agate
Grape Agate Display Stone
Grape Agate Display Stone
botryoidal chalcedony

Grape Agate Display Stone

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Grape Agate is the name given to this purple, Botryoidal form of Chalcedony.  This beautiful material is from Manakarra Beach, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The deposit was discovered years ago but the Indonesian government prohibited its collection and export until late in 2015; so it is fairly new to the global market.

Beautifully designed by nature, the Grape Agate stones get their name from their grape-like shape. Found in the Manakarra Beach, West Sulawesi, Indonesia, these stones are the latest addition to the commercial market. Although they had been discovered a long time back, the Indonesian government did not allow the stones to be exported until 2015. You can keep this subtle hued display stone at your home to add aesthetic charm. The various shades of purple and the structural imperfections add a raw appeal to these beauties. If you're a stone lover, this is a must-have item on your collection!

Colour:                        Varying shades of purple and green
Luster:                         Soft matte/Waxy
Crystal System:          Botryoidal/Round
Chemical Formula:     SIO2
Chalcedonic quartz, potassium,
aluminium, calcium and magnesium.
Hardness (Mohs):       6.5-7
Specific Gravity:         2.66
Refractive Index:        1.544-1.553
Origin of this stone:   Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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