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Larimah Crystal Pendants

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Larimar stone is nowhere else to be found in the world, other than a 2 kilometer area in the Caribbean.  The inaccessible mountain region of the Barahona Province, in the Dominican Republic, is the only source.  This very rare stone aptly mirrors the sky and waters of the Caribbean.

These stunning Larimah Crystal Pendants are set with solid 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring many years of quality and enjoyment, finished with a mirror polish for super bling!!!

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There is a legend that Larimar was originally discovered in 1916 and its locality subsequently forgotten.  In 1974, Norman Rilling, a visiting member of the US Peace Corps, found the locality together with Miguel Méndez, a Dominican native.  Together they named this stone "Larimar", which is a combination of "Larrisa" (Méndez's daughter's name) and "mar" (sea in Spanish).  Due to its scarcity and limited source, Larimar is difficult to obtain outside of the Caribbean. 

Quality grading is according to coloration and the typical mineral crystal configuration in the stone.  Larimar also comes in green and even with red spots, brown strikes, etc., due to the presence of other minerals and/or oxidation.  But the more intense the blue colour and the contrast in the stone, the higher and rarer is the quality.  The blue colour is photosensitive and fades with time if exposed to too much light and heat.

Larimar is considered a healing stone, and said to be finely tuned to the human body particularly to the throat area.  It is said that it increases speech and communication skills and supports the body’s natural healing process.  Persons believing in this have been known to wear Larimar jewellery or to put pieces of Larimar in their pockets or under their pillows.  Larimar is also called the Atlantis Stone, because a Spiritual master who lived in Trinidad and Tobago and who founded many Yoga Centers across the world, claimed that some islands in the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic were part of the lost continent of Atlantis.  He went further to say that on one of those islands a blue stone with healing powers would be found – a description that corresponds to Larimar.  Today, there are thousands of people, naturalists and persons practicing alternative and holistic healing methods, who use Larimar to assist and reinforce healing processes.

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